Ok folks, time to be honest.

We’ve been dreading these auditions, it’s true. Part of the reason is because we know there are so many really fantastic Browncoats out there who want to partake on a project like this. Partly because we knew there were going to be a lot of people ready to be INCREDIBLY critical of whatever we put out. Partly because we knew this production would have to be MASSIVELY smaller than our prior projects, and that means not everyone will get a part (we like to give everyone parts when we can). And partly? Well partly because we’ve had a lot of really flaky people on our projects, and frankly because of all of those other factors, we are nervous people will be flaky here too. We would hate to give a role to someone who is just going to let us down when there are people who got turned away that would be thrilled to do the work.

So this is one way we are going to try and find those people who really want this. By reading this, you’ve already taken a step towards demonstrating you are serious. We work very hard on these projects, and we get very little in return, save for the occasional piece of feedback (and occasionally that’s negative). We expect a lot from people, but we are reasonable as well. One way to really shine is to read the information we’ve put together for you. So we decided to try something. Somewhere in the documents we have here is the question “Are you serious?” and you will have a chance to take the answer we’ve given to that question and enter it into the application form. This way we know you’ve read through the things we’ve labored over and to be honest it will only help your case, because you will know the answers to questions and you will know how to go about all of this.

Thank so much for taking the time to read this (and the rest) and good luck!