By applying to be part of the Between the Lines Studios cast/crew you agree to:

1. Be Professional. As much as this is a fan production, it’s also something we’re trying to make as professional as possible and this means we need to be organized. That means: there has to be a structure to how we do things, the producers’ say is final and you need to be responsible. If you’re working under someone – as far as the production goes, they’re your “boss” and should be treated as such. It also means that you will treat production related discussions as confidential prior to publishing. If you’re unsure as to what should be confidential please ask the producers.

2. Be Communicative. This means you will read the production related emails sent by Between the Lines Studios and respond in a timely manner. We understand that everyone has real life commitments and difficulties and those should of course come first. If something does come up and you’re not able to meet a deadline, you should report it first to the Crew Manager and Associate Producers so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Any vacations or significant time away from the computer should also be reported to the Crew Manager or Associate Producers as far in advance as possible. Most issues can be worked around during group discussions, however, if you fail to communicate after two direct emails, it will result in your role being given to somebody else.

3. Be Kind. In any large group setting there will be times where you might feel annoyed or put out, or others might be disgruntled with you for whatever reason. If there is this sort of a problem, please bring it directly to the Producers so it can be resolved. Nobody should spread negative feelings amongst the cast and crew or in public settings, this is meant to be fun after all!

If you are snappish or rude to any of the Associate Producers you will be asked to leave the group and your role will be given to somebody else.

4. Be kind and understanding to other crew and cast members. We’re a little “family” and everyone should be treated with respect. We appreciate your importance no matter how “big” or “small” your role is, the podcast wouldn’t happen without you! Any persistent negative behavior damages the group and the production. Failure to resolve any such situations swiftly and amicably will result in you being asked to leave the group and your role will be given to someone else.

5. Be Flexible. Given the nature of our work – anything may be subject to change at very short or without notice. Please be flexible with the producers should this occur, just as they will try to be as flexible as organization of such a large project allows.

You also agree to the fact that this is strictly an application and you may not necessarily be chosen for the role(s) you requested. Once you’ve agreed to a role, you will be only elected to that role for one season of a Between the Lines production. This may be subject to change by the producers based on performance. We like keeping people who do good work.

Also, we all agree that none of the cast or crew makes any money off of this production (for legal reasons we can’t).