What Is The Difference Between Void Agreement And Voidable Contract

There are many contracts that are valid, but sometimes they are no longer enforceable due to certain circumstances, making it an invalid contract as it is impossible for the contract to continue to be performed. Similarly, many people unlawfully incite or convince another person`s desire to enter into a contract that becomes questionable at the choice of the party whose consent was so obtained. Before making a written or oral agreement, you should always consult a business lawyer first. A contract attorney can help you draft a contract that ensures that both parties are bound by the contract, so you don`t have to worry about the invalidity or cancellation of your contract. 1. A void contract is void from the outset (i.e. void from the beginning), while a void contract is valid at the time of its conclusion but becomes void later. 2. The party not bound by the contract has control over this type of contract. A mutual error on the part of the two Contracting Parties makes it subject to appeal. If one or more essential information is omitted from the contract, this also makes it questionable. A contract involving a minor is an example of a questionable agreement.

Definition: Section 2(g): An agreement that is not legally enforceable is considered null and void” and the agreement has no legal consequences. An agreement that is legally enforceable at the choice of one or more parties, but not at the choice of the other party or parties, is a voidable contract. If defects are found in the contract, a party may reject them. If the treaty is not rejected, it remains a questionable treaty that can be ratified. 5. In the case of a countervailable contract, a person shall be entitled to compensation for damage caused to him by the non-performance of the contract. But in a null agreement, since it is not legally enforceable, there is no question of compensation due to the non-performance of the contract. The word “invalid” means that something is invalid and is not legally binding. When we say that a contract is void, it means that it is null and void and that it is not supported by the force of the law. This makes it unenforceable, and if someone violates an unenforceable contract, the other party has no legal action against them.

If an agreement is legally enforceable, it becomes a contract. Based on validity, there are different types of contracts, i.e. a valid contract, an invalid contract, an illegal contract, etc.

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