What Is A Supply Chain Agreement

1.15 Without SCM being obliged to pay damages, it may terminate its agreement with the other party in whole or in part with immediate effect by registered letter and without judicial intervention if: 5.4 In case of modification of the specified dates, the participation contract remains unaffected. The obligation of the participant and/or sponsor to bear other costs related to his/her participation and/or sponsorship incurred by SCM or SCM at the participant`s request remains unassured. 1.30 All disputes relating to agreements entered into by SCM shall be submitted to the competent court in Arnhem, the Netherlands. In addition, SCM is entitled to submit disputes with a party who is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or trade) to the court whose jurisdiction under the law. If that court is not the court of Arnhem and SCM submits the dispute to the court of Arnhem, that consumer may notify SCM in writing within six weeks of the date on which he relies on this provision that he wishes the competent court under the law to rule on the dispute. 5.6 The participation fee is due on the dates specified in the participation contract. SCM is entitled to issue an invoice as soon as the signed registration form has been returned. An advance invoice may precede the actual invoice. Registration Form: The document that describes and explains the participation agreement. 4.12 The Customer undertakes to inform in advance all employees hired by SCM who will carry out activities now or in the future on the Customer`s premises under the Contract of all risks related to the activity of the Customer`s business. In addition, SCM or at least the employee(s) responsible for the execution of the order must be properly informed of the measures taken by the customer to reduce the aforementioned risks and avoid accidents.

1.17 SCM collects data from natural persons for the purpose of performing (subscription) contracts and whenever these persons contact SCM in connection with the provision of services. This data is used to perform a contract and to inform individuals about relevant products and services of SCM and its operating companies that may be of interest to them. If the natural person does not wish to receive such information, he or she may do so in writing to the following address: Supply Chain Media BV, Attn Address Registration, PO Box 207, 7005 AZ Doetinchem, The Netherlands, or by e-mail: info@supplychainmedia.nl. 5.3 If, at SCM`s discretion, special circumstances warrant it, SCM may change the dates set for the event or cancel the event. Special circumstances include insufficient interest, insufficiently representative supply, disputes within the respective industry, and any circumstances that, in scM`s opinion, after weighing the interests, may jeopardize the success of the event. .

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