Comcast Residential Customer Service Agreement

For voice. Except as described below, you may use Voice with your Inside Wiring phone, as long as we have appropriate access to it and you have the right to give us access to it. If you want your modem to be connected to your Inside Wiring phone, the installation is recommended by our technician. We need to separate your Inside Wiring phone from your existing phone carrier`s network to use the Inside Wiring phone, which allows you to disable all the services it offers you. If your modem is connected to your Inside Wiring phone without first disconnecting the cabling from an existing phone carrier`s network, your modem may be damaged and/or the voice may not work properly. Xfinity Internet customers can check, under “My Device”, whether their devices are authorized by third parties for Internet and language use. Enter your zip code and select your download speed to view a complete list of authorized devices. Do you want to buy new equipment? Check out our list of the highest-rated Xfinity modems and routers. You will return all Xfinity devices within 10 (10) days (or 5 (5) business days for Prince Georges County, Maryland) from the date the connection is interrupted, to our local service center or agent in proper performance and in the event of normal wear and tear. Failure to return Xfinity devices results in a charge for unsused devices. As the owner of Xfinity equipment, Comcast has the right to recover any devices that are not returned at any time.

At our request during normal business hours, on a date agreed between you and us, you authorize us and our representatives to access the premises in order to remove all Xfinity devices and any other equipment we provide. You agree that the Service will only be used for personal, private or non-commercial purposes, unless we expressly approve it in writing. You agree and represent that you will not resell the Service in whole or in part or that you will not authorize any other to resell it. They will not use the Service, directly or indirectly, for any illegal purpose or authorize anyone else to use it, including, but not, violations of any Comcast Guideline published for the Service. Use of XFINITY equipment or the service for the transmission, communication or storage of information, data or materials contrary to federal, state or local regulations or laws of the United States is prohibited. c. Third party fees that are your responsibility. You acknowledge that fees may be charged to third parties, for example. B access to online services or purchase or subscription to other offers separate from the amounts we have calculated. You are solely responsible for all taxes payable to third parties, including all taxes incurred. In addition, you are solely responsible for protecting the security of payment cards and other personal information made available to others in so-called transactions.

c. Third party fees that are your responsibility. You can create fees with third parties, for example.B. for access to online services, calls charged for their phone-based services, purchase or subscription to other offers via the Internet or interactive options on your TV service, separate and separate from the amounts we have calculated. You are solely responsible for all taxes payable to third parties, including all taxes incurred. Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, Xfinity has come out of the door with a quick reaction to help its customers, such as for example. B the abandonment of late fees and the provision of unlimited data. Xfinity has also made changes to its retail sites and technician safety protocol to protect its customers and team members. g. Arbitration. This arbitration provision is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act.


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