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According to the figures Kenilworth Books use the information you provide in this form to get in touch with you and provide updates and marketing. You can change your mind at any time by clicking on the logout link in the footer of each email we receive you or by contacting us at We will treat your data with respect. For more information about our data protection practices, please visit the privacy page of our website (in the Info section). By clicking below, you agree that we may process your data in accordance with these conditions. Dead Ink Books – Kickstarter (Print + E-Book) As a customer and fan of so many authors, I want to be able to go to an independent bookstore and have the choice of the book format I buy: paperback, e-book, hard edition, combination of one or three! Yes, you can actually try selling e-books alongside paper books. (And I don`t mean receiving a “donation” from a centralized pot if you haven`t done some work to sell something.) You can email a file, can`t you? In 1991, the large bookstore chain Dillons, followed by Waterstones, began offering a few books at a discount. [4] The key idea of a PBF is to promote off-price competition between booksellers in order to promote the sale of little-known, difficult or other culturally interesting books, rather than addressing only blockbuster readers. For this purpose, it is assumed that a PBF will ensure that booksellers who provide the corresponding pre-sale services are able to cover their higher costs with a guaranteed margin on blockbusters. Maher said independent booksellers would remain “in a good position.” He said abolition would “expand the market for almost all types of books.” He believed that bookstores would benefit from “secondary purchases,” even if they earned less from the books they had to lower. He was wrong. The fixed book price (PBF) is a form of fixing the resale price of books.

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