Willmar Public Schools Master Agreement

WILLMAR – Teachers and the Willmar School Board have agreed on a contract for the 2019/20 and 2020-21 school year. The last round of negotiations took place on the Aulabhne stage of the Willmar Education and Art Centre, attended by more than 80 union members and the public. The crowd applauded and applauded when the agreement was reached. The two sides signed interim agreements on language issues, but failed to agree on salaries. The school board approved the agreement at an extraordinary meeting Wednesday morning. Minnesota Education Willmar also voted in favor of approving the agreement. If teachers and board members vote in favour of the agreement in the coming weeks, the district will have concluded the last of its 2015/17 employment contracts. Contracts expire on June 30. Willmar`s teachers are the last of the state to settle. After The two-hour meeting on Monday`s final agreement, union president Tammy Knapper, a teacher at Willmar Senior High School, said it was a great relief to be ready “when we can start over soon.” In the preliminary agreement, the district agreed to a salary package costing a total of $1.43 million. This brings teachers a total increase of 2 per cent in the first year of the contract and a 1 per cent increase in the second year. In addition, they will move on to the next stage of the salary scale experiment.

The agreement provides for a 2 percent increase for employees with bachelor`s degrees and increases based on training and experience in the first year and a 2 percent increase for all in the second year. The teachers` salary plan is a grid that allows for salary increases in stages based on experience. Teachers who earn additional university credits can switch to new leads via the grid, as they earn additional college credits for masters or beyond. Holm said the school fulfilled its wish last fall to ensure that all employees received increases after a $2.7 million budget cut in recent years. Please complete your application by clicking on the box below: In other areas of activity of the meeting, the members of the Board of Directors reported on their semi-annual evaluation of Superintendent Jeff Holm`s performance. Vice Chairman Justin Bos said the board described Holm`s overall performance as “an achievement” and said it had made satisfactory progress in its annual targets. “We believe that the borough should consult with its lawyer as we consult with our lawyer, but not at the table,” she said. “He has no participation in willmar public schools,” like board members.

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