Transfer Agreements Uw Madison

A transfer credit may be granted to any accredited student who has done study work at a university or university. Once you have been registered, we will begin to evaluate your transfer credits and send you an email as soon as your assessment is posted in your student centre. Please note: UW-Madison has an application deadline for transfer contract students. For more information, visit the UW-Madison Transfer Agreements page. Entry to UW-Madison does not guarantee admission to a major or a specific academic program. Transfer Contract Students have access to individual majors and programs in the same way as all other UW-Madison students. Admission to certain programs is through reporting and admission to other programs through a competitive process. For some programs, students may be advised to request an early transfer. Students admitted under this agreement with minimum qualifications may find that there are a number of programs and majors for which they are not competitive in terms of admission. The reverse transfer agreement allows students to graduate while working with their bachelor`s degree at UW Madison.

3. Meet with a two-year university transfer program advisor at least once a semester during enrollment. If you are undecided about your major or school, the Universal Transfer Agreement (UCTA) offers a series of transferable courses between all UW institutions and all WTCS colleges. Unfortunately, we are not able to pre-establish transfer courses for interested students or fall and spring courses for registered students. If you want to see how some of your courses can be transferred before they are admitted, use our transfer databases and the following guidelines to help you. 4. Graduated with at least 54 transferable credits within three academic years of enrollment in the liberal science transfer program and prior to enrollment in the UW-Madison. Students may find that the additional credits do not necessarily advance their bachelor`s goals. If necessary, students are invited to apply for credits acquired from UW-Madison after graduation as an associate. 2.

Submit a letter of intent to participate before entering into 30 transferable credits on CVTC. Students meet with their CVTC advisor to determine eligibility for the transfer contract and submit the Memorandum of Understanding online to participate in the UW-Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment. UW-Madison sends the student an acknowledgement and a copy of the letter of intent to participate with the CVTC advisor. Students who have graduated from higher education with a Pass grade are assessed on their transfer credits. You can also visit the following sites for information about the transfer to a given institution.

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