Themed Community Agreements

Different types of food allow a personal exploration of one`s own culture and a global exploration of society, politics and social justice. Our community will develop skills to learn how to cook different foods and explore what food means in the context of a global society. We will travel to different parts of the city, visit local areas to see how food is purchased, participate in discussions on food and social justice such as food inequality and insecurity, and participate in cooking and pastry workshops. The events will be held together, which will lead to an event where we can demonstrate the knowledge we have acquired in partnership with a food bank to cook for the needy. They are available to prospective first-year students and have the opportunity to move to campus a day earlier to participate in an off-campus retreat to develop a sense of community with other LLC members. LLC students learn through a type of learning cohort by pooling one or more related courses throughout the year. Students in themed accommodation use themed programming opportunities. The retirement home community needs to help seniors meet the unique challenges of their final year. The Seniors` House is unique, a community that extends throughout W. 13th St.

Residence Hall and includes students from different schools, diplomas and interests. Residents of the senior home can expect to be supported last year by Wasserman cooperation, housing hunting tips, 101-series funding and much more! In addition to a balance between well-being and mindfulness programming, the focus is on #LIFEAFTERCOLLEGE and professional development within this community – as it is never too early to learn about work-life balance. Senior House will also help residents make the most of their stay at NYU with a series #NYCBUCKETLIST where residents will be able to visit places in NEWC that they have not yet had to do. These include activities such as Top of the Rock, ice skating and more! What is a thematic community? The CTcs were designed to bring together like-minded students to support the mission of this community. Community participation ensures that the student is exposed to a large number of events and services that support their academic and personal growth. The community will define your experience at Richard Bland College and prepare you for a possible transfer to a 4-year institution. This life experience provides a priority for extracurricular learning through programming that integrates intellectual stimulation, dedication to service and social interaction in a community living environment. For students who are not at home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. New York City offers a wide range of opportunities to explore the theme of health and nutrition, from markets, restaurants and cooking schools, offering macrobiotic, organic, vegan and raw lifestyles, to clubs and communities dedicated to activities such as meditation, yoga, walking, hiking and kayaking on the Hudson, to name a few.

In addition to following the more practical aspects of healthy living, our community will also address the topic of health as an intellectual research area and discuss some of its broader historical, political and cultural implications through a series of lectures, documentary screenings and other activities.

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