Global Custody Agreement

SGSS offers its customers a deposit platform integrated into a lifting and shelf model from its main European booking sites. (a) The Bank will monitor the actions of the entity by communicating the communications of the issuer, sub-deposits, securities deposits and communications published in sector publications and reported in the reporting services. The bank will immediately inform the customer of any business action whose information is received either by him or by a sub-custodian, as long as the central department of corporate law measures of the bank has the effective knowledge of the business action in a timely manner to inform its customers in a timely manner; or (ii) a call, including publications and reporting services, that the Bank regularly uses for this purpose in a timely manner for the bank to inform its customers in a timely manner. Any notification received in the United States by the bank`s Legal Action Department regarding securities disputes that have been settled by the relevant owners of the underlying financial assets is immediately made available to the client if, in the present circumstances, the bank observes with due diligence and diligence that the client was a shareholder and has retained the relevant financial assets with the bank at the appropriate time. The bank will not make notifications on behalf of the customer regarding these communications, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the customer and the bank. (a) the bank performs, in return for remuneration by the client, an analysis of the retention risks associated with the maintenance of the client`s foreign financial assets with respect to any deposit of eligible securities used by the bank at the time of the bank (or; in the case of a custodian of eligible securities that is not used by the bank at the time of this case , before the first placement of the client`s foreign financial assets with this custodian) and to which all of the client`s foreign financial assets are held or are expected to have held. The above analyses are made available to the customer on the bank`s website. In the context of the above, the client must inform the bank of all eligible securities custodians from which he does not choose to hold his foreign financial assets. The bank continuously monitors the retention risks associated with maintaining the client`s financial assets on each of these eligible securities and immediately informs the client or investment advisor of significant changes to these risks. But if you have more than $500,000 in your accounts, you have reason to worry, because higher amounts are not protected.

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