Bimco Standard Ship Management Agreement

(e) participate and follow international events organized by various national and international organizations, maritime forums, workshops and conferences, where charterers, brokers and/or various agents meet to exchange information and discuss market developments; (l) coordination with technical directors with respect to (i) the obligations of the registered owner of a vessel; in accordance with the obligations of such a registered owner, in accordance with the conditions applicable to it under the applicable technical management agreement, (ii) consolidation of accounts, budgets and other equipment that may be requested by owners for vessels for which technical managers provide administrative services under a technical management agreement, and (iii) the level of administrative services required by the technical director as part of a technical administrative agreement for a party to charter a vessel; Ship Name Ex Name Flag Register Port Call Sign / IMO Ship Type Ofse Shipbuilding Type Construction, Yard Length O A Dead-weight (Designed) Length between P P Gross Tonnes GT Beam (extreme) Net tons NT Depth moulded Light ship Draft, summer Vol. ballast m3 PHONE SAT-B Inert installed FAX SAT-B No. From cargo tanks TLX SAT- B No. Slop Tanks F77 Phone F77 Fax Phone (Mobile) Flight of cargo tanks 98% flight indicative. from Slop Tanks 98% MMSI N -MMSI Capacity of cargo pumps CAPACITY 95% main engine MDO Capacity 95% Output ME (CSR) FW Capacity Aux. Fo Generator Engines / Day Floating Floating Generators Fleeting Generators (Service) Hull Company Classification – Machines Class ID P – I IMO No. Emergency Response Service Official No. QI Owners In Management since the last classification note update (a) The marketing of the vessel and the provision of assessments of potential future income and agreed durations of employment for the vessel available for additional employment and for vessels considered or negotiated as purchased by the owner; BIMCO has released SHIPLEASE, a new standard timesheet for sales and leasing transactions that will be featured in a series of free seminars over the coming months. We start with two online seminars and as soon as the situation allows, live networking seminars will be held in Asia, Europe and the United States. “subsidiaries” for each person: (a) a company whose majority (regardless of the situation) is owned by a company to vote, directly or indirectly, at the time of destination by one or more persons; who are controlled by that person or a combination of that person (b) a partnership (general or limited) in which that person or person controlled by that person is, at the time of destination, a general partner or commander of such a partnership, but only if more than 50% of the company`s interests in that partnership (taking into account all the interests of the partnership as a single class), directly or indirectly, by one or more persons controlled by such a person, or a combination of that person, or (c) any other person (except a company or partnership) on whom that person, one or more persons controlled by that person or a combination of that person, directly or indirectly, has, at the time of destination, (i) at least a majority or (ii) the power to elect or direct the election of a majority of directors or other governing body.

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